Resource Associates

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There are numerous companies offering pre-employment personality & aptitude tests for job testing. However, few have the intellectual capacity we offer — ready to provide customized online personality tests & aptitude tests to address your company’s hiring needs.

Whether you are small business manager seeking to reduce employee turnover, a department head that must find the right candidates now due to increased hiring demand, or an HR professional responsible for a corporation’s hiring and firing, you want the best solution for hiring. Online personality & aptitude tests are that solution.

Our team is comprised of leading professionals in industrial & organizational psychology and human resources who will develop and implement effective job & aptitude testing solutions for your organization. Our online personality testing ensures candidate’s that fit your company’s culture & job requirements.  Over 10,000 pre-employment tests have been taken with RA and thousands more are administered each day by businessess who rely on RA’s testing to build their teams & businesses.

Our main area of expertise is personality & aptitude testing. On this website you can read about and purchase over 100 different assessments for specific jobs and aptitudes.