Berke Associates

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Burke Associates makes it easier for you to make solid hiring decisions. They take an extremely scientific approach to hiring and then give you an easy to use system to assess the fit between a job and a person.

How Berke Associates Got Started

Our software launched in 2005, but our story starts a year earlier in 2004 when Martin and Kelly first met.

Martin had been running a successful consulting firm dedicated to helping companies get the most from their people. Martin and his team taught CEOs and their management teams how to select, develop, manage, and motivate their people. Martin had been offering a paper based assessment to his clients, but they were demanding more. They needed something that was fast, affordable, and most importantly predicted a person’s future performance.

Kelly had just lived through the technology bubble. He had learned first hand how detrimental a bad hire can be to a fast growing company. He also learned how a great hire can transform a company, virtually overnight.

Together we searched high and low for a better assessment. There were a number of tools on the market, but none of them stacked up. Either they were designed to measure the person but not the job (think personality tests), their reports were ridiculously long and made your head spin, or they were completely unscientific.

After trying everything out there and coming up empty, we saw an opportunity.

In 2005 Kelly and Martin founded Berke. We quickly hired Bob and the three of us got to work building Berke from the ground up. We didn’t take a paper-based assessment and convert it to the web, like many of our competitors. No, we used 35 years of experience, science, and technology to build something new, something better.

At the end of 2005 we rolled out Berke and our customers loved it.

But that was just the beginning. Assessments require LOTS of ongoing research. Today we have one of the best research groups in our industry. And great assessments evolve over time, not stagnate, to meet the needs of customers. We actively listen to our customers and our products continue to evolve.

We’ve made incredible progress since those early days. But our goal from the beginning hasn’t changed – to build the best assessment in the world for people who make hiring decisions.